Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Frank Worsley "A Man of Many Talents"

 Frank Worsley
"A Man of Many Talents"

As many of you know who follow the male voice choir twitter feed Frank Worsley our late musical director passed away a few weeks ago after a long battle with different illnesses. The choir thought that it would be a fitting tribute to Frank if we based our first blog about the wonderful progress he made with the choir.

Frank took over the choir as Musical Director in 1992 after Reg Eaton. He had 19 years of service till he retired in 2011, In 1996 Frank had major Surgery and was absent for 12 months during which the late Roger Lovell (Deputy Musical Director) stepped in and took over.
In June 1997 Frank returned to the choir and served for a further 14 years until he resigned from the position again 2011 after major surgery.

During this time Frank took almost 1000 rehearsals and chose the music for well over 200 concerts. Frank had a great love for the choir and for male voice music. It probably began during his service during the war in the Royal Air-Force he was stationed in Cornwall and sang with the local choirs.

In 1953 after his service Frank married his wife Edna and settled in their home in Cadishead and then shortly after joined the choir.

We owe a great dept of gratitude to Frank and also to Edna for all the time spent with the choir during those 20 years. Frank was a great asset he had a fine bass voice and often sang solo. Frank quite often surprised the choir with his vocal range he often could sing the top tenor part.
Frank worked hard with the choir in rehearsals so that the concerts would be faultless he also expected a high standard of deportment. One of Franks famous sayings among many was "Trouser Pressed, Shoes Polished!" that was always order of the day. Frank would be very strict in rehearslas and disappointed if the choir did not perform well (he would tell you too!) He would fix you with his eye if he didn't think you were following the beat.

Frank conducted the choir in concerts with the St Paul's Ladies, The Evergreens as a 3 choir concerts with Hazel Grove and Gerrard of Eccles the list is endless. Frank had a superb musical team together with our accompanist Kathleen Hesford.

The choir would like to say Thank you Frank for the dedication you have shown and for all the service freely given a truly remarkable man whose achievement will probably never be bettered!

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