Thursday, 24 January 2013

We're Famous! (sort of)

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As most of you know who follow the choir we have been very active on twitter over the past few months ever since we created our account! Up to now we have over 130 followers and most of them re-tweet our posts and send us messages to see how we are and what we are doing!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Norman's Story

My name is Norman Ratchford and I have been a member of the Irlam Male Voice choir for over three years. Like most people, I never considered joining a choir. Since retiring from my full time occupation I have worked part time at Barton airfield fuelling aircraft and cutting grass etc. It was here that I made the acquaintance of Danny Craddock, a young man who was very keen on aviation, light aircraft in particular who visited the airfield regularly. I was impressed by his enthusiasm and the fact that he took every opportunity to get involved, performing work for a number of flying schools and in the process had several flights.

When Danny told me he was performing in his school play I decided, along with a workmate Mike to go and see the play. Danny stole the show! He also set up the sound and lighting. Mike and I later saw Danny in the college pantomime and concert.

Neil's Story

It must be about five years since I joined the choir. Every Monday evening from September to March I played short mat bowling in a league in Flixton. Then people started moaning about different things and the joy of playing left me.
I was looking for something to take its place, I was held up at the Tesco traffic lights when I saw on the digital notice board that Irlam Male Voice Choir were looking for new members. The following Monday I entered the congregational church where the choir rehearse. Frank Worsley met me, took me into the church and we tried some scales. He told me "you're a baritone, sit next to Bernard Finch, he will show you what to do and when to do it".

I enjoy every minute I am working for the choir. Many of the members I knew, but I have made lots of new friends as well. At the moment I am acting as chairman and find the job very interesting. The choir still requires new members, so give us a try, come along and Monday at 7.30pm.