Thursday, 24 January 2013

We're Famous! (sort of)

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As most of you know who follow the choir we have been very active on twitter over the past few months ever since we created our account! Up to now we have over 130 followers and most of them re-tweet our posts and send us messages to see how we are and what we are doing!

One of these followers is Salford Online. Salford Online is a free community and lifestyle website for the Salford area. They showcase local news, events, businesses and employment opportunities as well as other more general topics of interest.  I contacted them through their twitter @salfordonline to ask if they could help the choir recruit new members and they were more than keen to come and see us and help us out!

I arranged with Tom (editor) and Roger (reporter) to come to one of our rehearsal nights so they could come and film the choir. They first interviewed our musical director Julie Parker, our oldest member John Best and myself Dan Craddock. They filmed our accompianist Kathleen Hesford playing 'Canon In D' and Gwahoddiad. Then they finally filmed the choir singing our favourite song Gwahoddiad which I think we did very well.

I would personally like to thank Salford Online for your support and taking time out to come and see us.

Here is the link to the video and their page:

Dont forget to follow them on twitter: @salfordonline

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